Ultimate Shopping List Lite App Reviews

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Shopping with the shopping list. Helpful

Ultimate Shopping List Lite

This is a fantastic app. Getting presents for my loved ones will be a piece of cake from now on!!


shopping list made easily with this app. convenient and easy to use

Need help with shopping

Use this shipping list


Useful but has to be redesigned

Good app for convenience

No need to worry about missing anything with this list, very helpful.

Good app

easy to sort & Share list with other members of the family,

Free and practical

It's free, it's practical - nothing much to be unhappy about.


It's the ultimate SHOPPING LIST!!!

10 stars

All in one, great shopping app.


Useful !!! I just find this useful app today !

Perfect shopping list!

clean design and easy to use, this is what I want, I really need to buy a pro version!


Very useful

Great app

Very useful. UI could be more polished, though.


Very good little tool


A simple shopping list app. Personally I'm fine with just using notes. But this app is ok too.


It is a useful app, you will not forget anything when you have a shopping list.


Useful and convenient shopping app. Worth trying


Does exactly what it advertises, perfectly.

Must have

Must have app if you shop a lot and forget what to get.


Simple but useful shopping list app, the full version is better.


Useful speed up my shopping time

amazing app

i love this app, recommend to all


ultimate shopping list is easy to use , I like it !

Awesome app for every day use.

Really thank your for developing this useful app.


Great app, by using this app, I can control my wallet and I will not miss anything.

Easy Shopping

Useful for the husband!


No need to waste paper

Very helpful

A useful app that can help me organize my shopping much better than before.

Good shopping app!

Making shopping lists on my phone is great! Keeps me alert!


i like the file size


This app help me when I went shopping, really helpful. It's take a little time to discover the best way to use this but worth it!

The best shopping app

Really good.

Works as advertised

The app works as advertised....personally though I still prefer pen & paper ;-)

Great Shopping List App!

This app is awesome. The style is familiar, yet completely unique and innovative. The idea of this app is awesome and it's very addictive. Worth the download and worth a look. Works really well!

Handy shopping list

Easy to use. You select from a list of items in the app or enter your own.

Very good

İts amazing great app thanks


Great app for creating shopping list, nice UI

Good one!

Something that u need!! Try it


Great app! Don't miss it!

Thank you!

Easy to use and simple :)


It is a good app, I like it!!

Simple and easy to use.

Not sure if it would be an quicker than a normal list though.

Really good!

This is a fantastic shopping list app. It has all the options you need! It's really handy. Download it and try!


This app is very useful to me in the daily life. Thank you for so wonderful app.

unnecessary, but handy

Speeds up list-making a little bit compared to just a regular note-taking app. Pretty basic but it works well.


An interesting way of keeping track of shopping lists and what not. While it does do what it says, the ui seems a but unintuitive at times and it really doesn't look all that good. I really feel if you're looking for a good app for keeping track of lists, you can probably do better than this.


I did not know I needed it, it is easy to build a shopping list.

Good app

Nice app . Waiting for the new updates :D


Really helpful for shoppers. Great app.

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